Gluten Free French Fries

GF French Fries Comment: Forever we thought French Fries originated in France until we started doing a bit of research and found out they got their start in Belgium in the 1600's making their way to America when President Thomas Jefferson’s chef, being French, included fries on a menu in 1801. According to a notation in a manuscript by Jefferson about the fries: “Pommes de terre frites a cru, en petites tranches” which, when translated, means: “Potatoes deep-fried while raw, in small cuttings.” Anyway, here’s how we fry our gluten free French Fries.
Cooking time:
10 minutes
1 potato per person
1 large white potato
½ cup vegetable oil
  1. Peel 1 large potato, slice lengthwise about ¼ inch thick and then slice again lengthwise about ½ inch thick – so that you end up with slices that look like French fries.
  2. Into an 8” fry pan add oil and heat over medium-high until the oil is hot but not smoking hot.
  3. Once the oil is hot enough – and you can tell by dropping a sliver of raw potato into the oil and it should ‘sizzle’ - carefully slide in the slices of potato. Once fried on one side gently turn them over to the other and when that side has cooked to brown, they’re done.
  4. Use a large fork to remove them from the hot fat and place on a brown paper bag for excess oil absorption, salt and they’re ready to eat. They should be eaten shortly after frying or they have a tendency to soften – still good and tasty, but not crunchy.
Condiment: Ketchup
homemade french fries