Gluten Free Cooking – Getting Started

If you are an experienced homemaker you’ll already have most of these kitchen items scattered about but for those of you who don’t, here is a random list that will make your gluten free cooking journey a bit easier.  And you don’t need everything at once as they will be accumulated over a period of time.

Aluminum Foil
Bamboo skewers
Blender, glass or plastic
Bowls, glass oven-safe and regular mixing
Bun pans (see picture below)
Bread pan
Cake pans -  round, square different sizes
Cookie sheets (different sizes)
Countertop toaster
Cutlery set
Cutting boards
Electric stand mixer (4.5qt heavy duty)
Electric fry pan
Electric hand mixer
George Foreman grill
Hotpan holders
Measuring cups
Measuring spoons
Meat thermometer
Microwave oven
Muffin tins
Parchment paper

Pots, Pans, Casserole & Glass dishes
2  1qt covered saucepans
2  2qt covered saucepans
1 5qt Dutch oven
1  6 qt covered stockpot
1  12 qt covered stockpot
2  8”  (1 covered) fry pans
1  10” covered fry pan
2  12” (1 covered) fry pans 
1  11” griddle
2   Casserole dishes (1qt & 3qt w/covers)
1  Oven roaster w/cover

Pizza pans
Rolling pin
Splatter screen
Spoons - wooden, slotted

getting started with gluten free cooking